Fresh pasta

A dish with ancient roots, Gnocchi are small, round pieces of pasta usually made from flour (semolina, wheat or rice flour) combined with potatoes, dry bread, tubers or vegetables.

Potato gnocchi are the most common type in Italy; they are a unique culinary speciality in terms of both taste and tradition and were introduced into the country in around 1880, when potatoes started to be imported into Europe from America.

Granoro Potato Gnocchi are made with potato flakes (80%) mixed with soft wheat flour and water and are pasteurized and packaged in a protected atmosphere. The distinguishing feature of their production is the absolute quality of ingredients used, carefully selected to offer an authentic and delicious product. Granoro Potato Gnocchi are produced with the care of an artisan to ensure they have the right consistency and firmness when cooked yet remain soft and melting on the palate, maintaining that unmistakable “homemade” taste. Delicious on any occasion, Granoro Potato Gnocchi make a simple, filling dish. Quick to prepare, they are excellent served with a traditional sauce, such as Bolognese, or tossed in a pan with the desired seasoning and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese after being cooked in boiling, salted water.